Schedule 11am - 10pm

Lisa & Naomi
Lisa & Naomi
Alice & Naomi
Alice & Jessy
Alice & Jessy
Alice & Naomi
Alice & Jessy


At PAMPER Massage we are experts in knowing where your body needs that little bit of TLC, be it the need to kick the day off or end the day well.
Or any reason you like… maybe you just want to pamper yourself. 😉
Tell us what you need… back, neck, legs, butt, head, arms, feet or somewhere in between !!!! – you tell us where to you want to be rubbed and touched, so we know exactly how you want it.

PAMPER Massage – our definition of a great massage: tantalising, sensual, nude full body massage with body slides front and back and a happy ending. 💦 
Come and meet us today!

We are:
ALICE: 24, petite, size 6, cheeky & v feminine.
JESSY: 25, brunette, size 8, sultry & v sexy.
LISA: 23, blonde, size 8, hot & full of enthusiasm.
NAOMI: 22, size 6, sultry & exotic.